Freedom From Emotional Eating 12 Week Online Course


Freedom From Emotional Eating 12 Week Online Course


Freedom From Emotional Eating Total Transformation Course is an online group coaching course designed to deeply immerse yourself in a healing journey towards making peace with food. You will stop dieting and begin to nurture a healthy and positive relationship with food as well as with yourself.

–This is an overview of what you will receive when you sign up for this course:

  • A 7-Day Mindset Reset Guided Mindfulness Practice to kick off your transformation! You will receive this upon registration to propel you into action mode even before the course begins!

  • 12 modules delivered weekly, each offering a new focus with specific tools and action steps for you to take to make peace with food. Each module is action focused so you begin to feel the transformation happen in your life from DAY 1!

  • –Audio resources that guide you through each module along with mindfulness and visualization exercises throughout the 12 weeks. This will allow you to use these practices to their full potential.

  • 2 hours of additional audio including guided breathing practices, deep relaxations, mindfulness and meditation practices to assist with your growth, stress management and overall well-being.

  • Access to a private interactive Facebook group with interactive supportive and accountability coaching daily. You will have the opportunity to share your experience with others striving towards the same desired outcome all along the way!

  • 4 LIVE Webinars to interact, share, ask questions and check-in throughout the course.

  • You will receive a discount on individual supportive coaching calls throughout and following the 12-week course.

If you are tired of the dieting roller coaster and feeling as though food rules your thoughts, your feelings and your life, this course is for you. This unique approach integrates empowerment, mindfulness, creativity, intuition along with motivation and support to help you break free from emotional eating once and for all.

You will explore emotional eating from the deepest roots and move forward with new tools, a deeper sense of self-awareness, emotional awareness as well as strategies for managing cravings and sustainable change.

Join me as you embark on this creative and expressive journey to heal your relationship with food. You will be connected to a supportive community to share your personal experience, celebrate your growth and motivate you each step of the way.

This course offers 12 educational and action packed modules that are delivered each week with step-by-step guidance. This course will begin shortly after the new year to help recharge and empower your vision for your life. Throughout the 12-weeks you will make powerful shifts and changes in order to make peace with food.