Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation Therapy

I often hear "I cannot meditate, my mind is always too active" or that meditation is too hard. The true purpose of meditation is to begin to create present moment awareness and to understand yourself deeply and completely. Through meditation you cultivate an authentic sense of acceptance and peace.

Meditation can be hard! With guidance and consistent practice, meditation becomes more and more comfortable and you find that you are able to cultivate the benefits. The ultimate goal is not to completely quiet your mind, or empty your mind of all thoughts, for most of us that is not possible! The purpose of meditation is to open to the possibilities and benefits such as reduced stress, improved sleep, more self-awareness, balanced emotions, a healthier immune system… just to name a few! 

Meditation has gotten a lot of press recently and studies are showing the benefits over and over and over again. Many people are drawn to the idea of meditation but are overwhelmed or confused by the practice or how to begin. 

I offer meditation training and practice that is specific to your needs and is taught and guided at a pace that is comfortable for you to help you create and develop the most beneficial meditation practice for YOU. If you are interested in learning how to meditate and would like to create a specific, personalized practice, contact me today to help you get started on your meditative journey!

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