Food Cravings Crash Course

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Cravings crash course.jpg

Food Cravings Crash Course


Food Cravings are a number one concern for many people. During this 4-week Cravings Crash Course you will receive valuable information and guided audio in order to understand and take control of your food cravings.

During the course you will:

  • Explore your emotional and general food cravings

  • Practice mindfulness and the 5 stages of emotional awareness to become more aware of and comfortable with your emotions

  • Develop awareness of the why behind your emotions and make clear decisions about how to respond to them

  • Develop coping strategies for your emotional cravings and put them into practice

  • Use a 3-step cravings protocol to manage your food cravings

  • Understand and integrate mindful eating principles

  • Become more intuitively connected to your body and its needs

Each week for 4-weeks you will receive a new module with audio to guide you through the information and practices as well as corresponding handouts to reflect and put the new practices into action.