Wellness Journey

Beginning Your Wellness Journey


Wellness has become something of a buzzword these days. When this happens, it can cause a word to lose its power. The definition of wellness is: the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. Good health as a concept is quite broad as well, but I like to think of in this way: if I am in good health, I am mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually grounded and feel an overall sense of contentment and peace. This is a true state of good health and wellness.

Isn’t this how we all want to feel? To feel well, be well and live well? But what does that actually look like from day to day? Creating your own definition of wellness and engaging in the practices that move you forward along your own wellness journey is a deeply personal process.

Creating a state of wellness requires having your health as a priority. To be in a state of good health and actively pursuing goals implies action, forward projection and the opportunity for growth and change. When you think of wellness as taking action, it opens up the concept of health and creates a more well-rounded approach to the journey.

When you consider what wellness looks like to you, it may look quite different than what wellness looks like for your friends, your family, or the people you follow on social media. Crafting a personalized wellness routine in order to make strides along your path to feeling healthy and whole is necessary in order to create the opportunity for you to take consistent action.

Wellness practices include elements that guide you forward towards a balanced life and creating the healthiest version of yourself. Wellness addresses you as a whole person and may include nutrition, exercise, relaxation techniques, self-care, social outlets, relationships, spirituality, spending time in nature, creativity and how you integrate each of these into your many daily responsibilities!

For so many of us, our wellness is unfortunately not always our top priority. It is hard to create new routines and patterns and then to integrate these wellness practices consistently in a way that creates the healthy life you may desire. Consider this integration and change as making a commitment to yourself. When you go about setting a specific wellness goal, choose just ONE thing to focus on to begin. 

Often, when we are feeling unhealthy or out of alignment with our vision of wellness, we feel as though we need a complete overhaul. This is not the case! It is best to begin by implementing one change at a time until that specific change is well integrated into your life. This means that you no longer have to over-think getting it done! Once that occurs, you can consider adding in another. Moving slowly and deliberately offers change over time and is ultimately far more sustainable for long-term change.

Any forward movement is movement no matter how small! However, becoming stuck can perpetuate negative thoughts and feelings and derail your momentum and progress. This is why starting small and using mindset, intention and action to create movement and build motivation is the most effective place to begin.

What is one area of your health that you can commit to begin taking decisive action on today? What is ONE goal you can set? Where do you want to start along your personal journey to wellness? Write it down. Take time right now to schedule in your calendar exactly when you will take this action.

Schedule weekly and monthly reviews for yourself to check in and evaluate your progress. When you commit to yourself you create motivation. When you commit to your health, really choose your health and wellness as a priority in your life, you are making a powerful commitment to yourself as well as to those you care about while creating inspiration for others.

If you are struggling with where to begin, reach out! I offer a variety of ways to support you when you are ready to invest in yourself and your future health and wellness. Investing in yourself allows you to move forward along your personal wellness journey towards your greatest health, healing and well-being. I am dedicated to helping you be well, feel well and live well by supporting the process of making a commitment to yourself and to your personal wellness journey.

Where are you along your path to wellness? I’d love to hear the wellness practices you will begin to use in order to focus on your future health as you continue to move forward along your personal wellness journey!