The Gift of Wellness

Giving the Gift of Wellness 


During this hectic holiday season, wouldn’t it be amazing to have time to take baths, spend time in nature, get regular massages and cook delicious, nourishing meals that take half a day to prepare? But who has the time for that!?! Enter wellness gift ideas that encourage others to take time to care for themselves in order to be well, live well and feel well. Here are some ideas that inspire movement and progress for others along their own personal wellness journey.

Gift giving feels good. When you create a moment of joy for another person it doubles the warm and fuzzy feelings for you both. Now, if it is not financially feasible to give gifts that cost money, there are many gifts that you can create on your own or time you can spend that doesn’t cost a thing! If you feel like you have the means and the desire to give others the gift of improving their health, wellness and overall quality of life, here is list of some ideas to offer the gift of health and wellness this holiday season.

When you think of wellness, think of all the elements that make up a balanced, healthy, content life. Wellness comprises of relaxation, healthy movement and exercise, healthy eating, sufficient sleep, personal fulfillment and connecting with nature. Each area contains potential practices that encourage overall good health in mind and body. The following is a short list of ideas within each wellness area to spark your creative giving spirit!

1.    Gifts for relaxation.

Giving a gift certificate for massage, infrared saunas or other healthy body work offers an amazing gift of cleansing, detoxing, relaxation and greater health and wellness. Candles, bath salts and essential oil diffusers with pure essential oils are also wonderful gifts that encourage inner peace, calm and relaxation. Just be sure to read ingredients and look for pure essential oils in both the candles and bath salts so as to not give out toxic chemicals!

2.    Gifts for healthy movement.

Giving a gift of a yoga class series, dance classes, barre classes or a health club membership encourages healthy movement. If there is another activity that you know the person either already does and enjoys or has expressed interest in doing, this is a wonderful way to give the gift of health and wellness. Fitness trackers and personal training sessions also encourage healthy movement to feel well in body and mind. Health and fitness gear such as a yoga mat, new shoes or clothing are also great gifts.

3.    Gifts for healthy eating.

The gift of a healthy dinner subscription such as Sun Basket or a subscription to a monthly local produce delivery of fresh healthy food is an amazing gift to give. You can also create a homemade basket that includes healthy food items to make a favorite dish, meal or beverage along with the recipe or cookbook makes a fantastic gift. You might put together some ingredients in a basket like herbs, nourishing broths, sea salts, olive oils and vinegars, cacao, chia seeds, walnuts, matcha, or find a beautiful healthy cookbook. Teas, preferably organic, are also wonderful gifts that are healthy and delicious! Kitchen items that encourage healthy eating are also great gifts, like a high powered blender (Vitamix is my favorite!- but any are great!!), salad spinner or bowl, Instapot, tea pot with a nice strainer, stainless steel or glass water bottle with or without an infuser for herbs, spices and fruits. When you give a gift that encourages healthy eating, you are giving the greatest health insurance policy that exists!

4.    Gifts for healthy sleep.

The gift of sleep may be a challenging gift to give, but you can give items that encourage the possibility of rest and restoration! Sleep masks, sound machines, guided relaxations, relaxing music, binaural frequency sounds, a cozy blanket, pj’s or slippers encourage making sleep a priority and more available.  A gift certificate for restorative yoga or meditation also help to make rest and sleep more available and there’s always teas and tinctures that can help you get more zzz’s.

5.    Give gifts for personal fulfillment.

Gifts that encourage a sense of fulfillment are super valuable. Items that encourage self-reflection, mindfulness and living more intentionally bring value and increased wellness to life. Gifts like adult coloring books, sketch pads, gratitude journals, blank journals, art supplies, music, gift certificates for a fun creative class, books, or other items that you know the person on your list would love goes a lot further for fulfillment than a new shirt or a tie! When you encourage someone to explore, be creative, learn something new or learn more about a passion they may have, you encourage their continued personal growth and evolution. What an amazing gift to share!

6.    Give the gift of nature.

Nature is healing. Spending time in nature is tremendously therapeutic. Giving something as simple and beautiful as a plant, flower, bulb or even seeds to begin to sow in the early spring creates an opportunity to connect with nature each and every day. Gardening items or items that encourage being outdoors such as a hammock, bench or wind chimes encourage spending time in nature. If you are thinking a little larger, you might give the gift of a trip to the mountains, some outdoor adventure or the beach. Encouraging the opportunity to connect with nature is a wonderful gift to give.

This is a short list and it is intended to help spark some ideas that also allow for a personalized approach to giving. Finding “that just right thing” brings you a sense of pleasure and fulfillment. There may be other ideas you have that help to encourage others to live well, feel well and be well. I’d love to hear how you are sharing the gift of wellness to others this holiday season!