What Exactly Is Wholistic Food Therapy?

What Exactly Is Wholistic Food Therapy?

(And How It Will Help You Break Free From Emotional Eating!)



Someone recently asked me, "so what exactly is Wholistic Food Therapy?"

So here is what I came up with to help clarify!

Wholistic: I love this word. When I first wanted to call the work I do Wholistic I thought I was being so clever, however, upon some quick research I found that it really is a word! I love this word because it focuses on the concepts of Whole Person and Whole Foods at the same time! It is integrative and recognizes that there is nothing left out as you explore your relationship with Food. As I say in the introduction of my book: "No part is left out in this process. From what you eat and why you are eating it, to how your food choices make you feel physically and emotionally. To what you do with your time. To how you breathe, and how you think. While this is not a nutrition book specifically, I use the word wholistic as it implies addressing the whole person and the importance of eating whole foods at the same time."

Food: Food is so important to address within the Wholistic Food Therapy process as the relationship with food has become awry and food itself has become about more than eating for pleasure or eating to live. Food becomes for so many a solution to difficult emotions while simultaneously being the source of frustration and feeling out of control. Herein lies the source of the problem: Food is the problem and Food is the solution. This becomes a vicious and quite dangerous cycle. When engaging in Wholistic food therapy, we deal with your relationship with food over time and as the process unfolds you are more and more able to allow food to become just food

Therapy: It is therapy, in that we work on emotional intelligence, coping skills, self-expression and self-awareness. When something is therapeutic, by nature it is anecdotal. Therapy provides a space of acceptance, safety and non-judgment and as you open yourself to the process you can create from within a sense of relief, hope and motivation. Through therapy you will continue to move forward, to grow, to heal. The goal is to heal your relationship with food from the very deepest root. Once the roots are gone. You will stop the negative cycle and begin planting new seeds of beginning to live a life free from emotional eating. As you make peace with food, you find the freedom and ability to heal your relationship with you body and with yourself. 

So, that's the Wholistic Food Therapy official definition. Making the decision to enter into into this work is difficult. If you are ready to start your journey to healing but not certain about how it can work in your life contact me. I am happy to answer any other specific questions you may have about the process, the integrative and Wholistic approach and how this process can benefit your life, your health and create peace of mind as you make peace with food. I look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to do this work.