How to Integrate More Movement Into Your Day

How to Integrate More Movement Into Your Day in

5 Simple Steps

(Without Stepping Foot Into A Gym!)


Are you looking to get more movement and exercise in your life and yet you have no idea how to incorporate it into your super jam packed schedule? Do you think that exercise has to be done at the gym and has to be crazy intense to gain any benefit? The truth is, moving your body in some way every day is a consistent marker for greater health throughout your lifespan. It does not have to be fancy, time consuming, painful or boring! With all of the modern conveniences like elevators, escalators, or working from home, we have less daily activity and movement naturally integrated into the day.

As a Wholistic Food Therapist, many people I work with share their frustration of not having the time to go to the gym or exercise. When they feel defeated by putting it off and putting it off, that only increases their stress levels. One way to get in more movement and exercise is to integrate physical activity throughout the day rather than worrying about making it to the gym.

Exercise has many known health benefits including improved sleep, improved mood, lower risk for most illnesses, improved cognitive functioning, greater energy throughout the day and balanced blood sugar levels. Most people that integrate movement in some form consistently feel more confident and have a more positive body image. These are all elements that most people desire in their lives. If these benefits all sound great, but you are still overwhelmed by where to begin, start integrating these 5 simple steps to get more active today!

1.    Start the day with marching in place or jumping jacks for one to five minutes and twenty squats. You can do these while waiting for the water in your shower to get warm, brushing your teeth or waiting for your coffee to brew! This movement will get your blood pumping, build strength and create energy.

2.    Every time you have the option, always take the stairs. The first few times you might huff and puff, but over time you will increase your lung capacity and strengthen your muscles and bones. 

3.    Use the technology you have at your fingertips! Set a reminder on your phone each hour to stand up, stretch and find a reason to get in some extra steps. 

4.    Take a walk during your lunch break. Even if it’s just a quick five to ten minute brisk walk, five minutes is always better than zero!

5.    What song gets you moving like nothing else, you hear it and you just have to dance? Find that track. Play that track. Dance and find pleasure in movement!

It’s best to begin slowly, try to integrate just one step at a time. Once you feel as though you are being consistent with one step, move on and add in the next. Before you know it, you will be searching for other clever and simple ways to create more movement in your day. Typically, the more you move, the better you feel. As you use these five steps to integrate more movement, you will notice the mental, physical and emotional benefits. Go ahead, get moving today!