5 Powerful Questions to Create a Vision for Your Life


Last week, I offered a webinar on The Five Powerful Questions to Create a Vision for Your Life and I thought I’d share the questions with you all here as well! Often at the beginning of the new year, we all spend time evaluating the past year and looking ahead to what we might want to change in the year to come. These 5 questions will help you connect to the belief that what you want is possible.

Developing a vision for your life can be hard. Without a vision for your life you end up remaining stuck in the routine of what you already know, with just the way things have always been. Desiring fulfillment is just a desire without a vision. Without direction, you are left with a dream without belief.

The truth is, you can live your vision. You deserve to live your vision. You are meant to live a life you love, a life of passion and purpose. If this all sounds good, but you have no idea where to begin, use these five questions to help organize your vision and guide you towards living your best life, a life that you LOVE. Once you work through these questions, give yourself the time and space to write out your vision, to reflect on it, and decide how to take action in order to align your life with your vision. Once you go through this process of searching within and creating a plan for how to make it happen, you will begin living an inspired, directed and passionate life.

1.    What do you want?

This question may seem simple enough, but it is often a difficult question to answer. Try to think beyond material items, however, those are certainly valid to consider as well but are often more of a result of living your vision. Do think about qualities in your life that you want. Be as specific as possible around what is important to you. As you spend time thinking specifically about what you want within your life, you will begin to bring your dreams out of the clouds of your daydreams and into your mindset. When you can create goals based on what you want you can take active steps towards creating the opportunities in life that you want to achieve.

2.    What do you value most?

Maybe you value time, recognition, financial abundance, travel, adventure, relationships. Whatever it is, consider what you value and why. Determining your values will help you sort through what you want in order to connect with why you want it. When you know why you want to live your vision you will be more likely to take consistent action towards your goals because your values and desires creates focus on your deeper purpose and intention. You can read more about knowing your WHY here.

3.    How do you want to feel?

When you live your life according to how you want to feel, you are more likely to make choices that support what you want. Do you want to feel happy, successful, confident, empowered, accomplished, free, peaceful, content? If you make choices and decisions in your life based on how you want to feel you will often have to choose between aspects in life that are easy versus aspects in life that are more difficult. However, the payoff of the positive feelings of making progress will feel rewarding and help you maintain your determination to continue to take action. This is one of the most valuable questions to consider as you prepare to develop your vision and to maintain your focus on your vision.

4.    If you were living your ideal life in one year from today, what exactly would it look like?

This is an important question as it creates an opportunity to see the possibilities of your vision in action. Be as specific as possible with this question. Consider the details of how you would be spending your time, who you would be with, elements of your life you’d like to change or resolve. How much would change from your current circumstances to this ideal life that is just one year away?

5.    What do you need to do in order to feel engaged and active in achieving what you want?

This final question is a vitally important to ask as you begin to create your vision. It gets you into action mode. Without action, your vision remains a dream. With decisive, consistent action, you discover that your vision is your life and you are living a life that YOU have created. You will find that you are living a life that YOU love.

Now that you have considered these questions, your vision will begin to write itself. Spend time reflecting on your responses and write out your vision for your life. Be specific, consider time lines and how to move forward.

Once you have your vision you can determine the specific goals that will move you in the direction of living your vision. Give your goals specific action steps that you will take consistently. These steps may be small, but when taken regularly you will reach your goals. Visualize what you want and believe in the possibility that it is on its way. This will keep you motivated as you continue to move forward.

Every day, ask yourself: What action step will I take towards my goals in order to live my vision? With each choice you make, ask yourself: Does this choice support my vision? Does this choice move me forward towards my vision? By remaining focused on your vision, maintaining an active mindset, and setting daily intentions, you will create a life of passion and the life you are meant to live.