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Finding Freedom From Emotional Eating Free Informational Webinar

This Free Webinar on Thursday, April 4th will offer specific details about the information I will cover throughout the 12 modules, discuss how the course is delivered as well as the transformation you can anticipate when you participate. I will cover frequently asked questions and address any questions live! There will be webinar only special offers, so if you are interested, curious or want to learn more, sign up today! Even if you can’t attend live, still register and I will send you the replay!

On APRIL 15th, 2019 I am launching a 12-week online group coaching course titled, Finding Freedom From Emotional Eating. This course is designed to deeply immerse yourself in a healing journey in order to transform your relationship with food. Through this course you will learn a mindful approach to making peace with food. This approach will create the ability to STOP DIETING, end the deprivation and begin to nurture an empowering and healthy relationship with food as well as with yourself.